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Question Description

Discuss one of the following aspects.

  • The function of the nutrient.
  • The sources for the nutrient.
  • Problems resulting from deficiencies of the nutrient.
  • Problems resulting from excessive consumption of the nutrient.
  • Problems associated with any toxicities for the nutrient.

Remember, the goal is to contribute a missing part, not to post the encyclopedic knowledge for the nutrient. In this way, all can contribute to the discussion and to fleshing out the role for each nutrient. After someone posts about the function of a nutrient, then someone else can add in sources, etc.

grading rubic

1. Discuss one of the aspects described in the directions for one of the three macronutrients.

2. References: Include two or more references to support your assertions and to validate information.

3. Citations: Use acceptable APA style to format your citation at the end of your post.