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Enron Corporation was one of the widely publicized Companies whose unethical business and accounting practices led to bankruptcy, shareholder lawsuits, and an investigation by the SEC.

As a consequence of this scandal, legislation was enacted to expand the accuracy of financial reporting for public companies and accountability for audit firms to remain unbiased and independent of their clients.

Review the Enron scandal and prepare a 5-page typed report focusing on the following:

You will be evaluated on the quality of your research and the depth of your responses. Make sure your paper contains proper citations.

You should use at least 3-6 sources to assure you get different perspectives and enough information to allow you to thoroughly answer the questions in this analysis.

You are required to complete an ethics case in order to sensitize you to the type of situations you may encounter in your career. Some ethical dilemmas are simple and easy to resolve while others are not and require making difficult choices among allowable alternatives.

Since doing the right thing is not always easy or obvious, I am providing you with some fundamental principles you can use as guidance in resolving these ethical dilemmas:

In addition, you may want to be alert to situations that may inappropriately influence your judgment or behavior: