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Question Description

Each student will analyze internal and external ethical/Corporate social responsibility (CSR) factors that impact the firm. The first task is to analyze the company and determine how well it has performed with CSR. Building on your initial analysis, each student will also devise a plan for their assigned company to help it improve its ethical/CSR standing. What is required is your analysis of the situation and forecasts for the future. This is like a consulting project, where you have been asked for advice in a situation, so make sure that you can provide support for your recommendations. The audience for this analysis is your client [a senior executive in the company], so the presentation – and written report, see below – should take the form of an executive briefing.

Each student will present for a maximum of 15 minutes. The presentation will be followed by a brief question and discussion session with the class. The purpose of the presentation is to share what you have learned with the rest of the class. Look for frameworks and concepts from the readings and class that help you organize and present your analysis. It will teach students about different types of companies and the strategic challenges they face. You should discuss at least 3 or 4 ethical/CSR topics that you consider most important to an understanding of the company and its situation. During your presentation, make sure you behave professionally as you would in a business setting. Important guidelines are: (a) dress professionally, (b) use visual aids, (c) speak clearly and professionally, (d) be prepared for questions, and (e) do not exceed the time allotted. The assignment for the rest of the in-person class is to read up on all the assigned companies so that we can have some dialogue/discussion. Remote students will review the presentations delivered that day – which I will email to all students the day before – and choose two of them to summarize and hand in [via email]. For the four all remote classes after Thanksgiving vacation, all presentations will be delivered individually to me via video call, and all students not presenting on that day will also choose two of their classmates’ presentations to summarize and hand in.