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Assignment Instructions

This assignment is for a both a 1,500 word/5 page policy brief and a 10 slide presentation

My policy Brief Topic is: Strategies of policing that focus on developing relationships and working closely with members of the community to improve the quality of life.

Your goal for this assignment is to write a clear, concise brief that will persuade the decision maker on the issue to see the issue your way and then to take concrete action on the topic. You may approach it as a legislative staffer, a policy analyst or an advocate for a public interest group. Bear in mind that the decision maker has only a limited time to make a decision, so your brief should be no more than 5 pages long. Around 1,500 words is optimal. Your analysis should include:

  • a summary of the problem you are addressing,
  • your assessment of the policy responses you propose,
  • the theoretical basis for your position,
  • any questions that remain unanswered,
  • the action you recommend.

Remember to consider the impact not only on the decision maker, but other stakeholders as well.

You can browse six example environmental policy briefs here. There is a rather longer and more involved example here. While its reach goes well beyond policy making in the United States, the International Center for Policy Advocacy has a wealth of excellent resources to help you compose your brief, including worksheet templates to help you break down the components easily. The OECD and UN websites also provide templates.

The second part is to prepare at least ten slides in a Powerpoint presentation to accompany your policy issue brief. The idea is that you would provide a presentation of your policy issue before the applicable public audience, such as a town hall meeting. This part of the week 7 assignment is what you will use to actually present your issue to the class during week 8 for grade.

The evaluation criteria can be found here https://irubric.apus.edu/gradeeditc.cfm?xsite=Main…