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Make sure the event you attend is a concert rather than a passive performance (i.e. lounge act, restaurant band, etc.). Concerts in bars with cover bands are OK, but make sure they are the focus of the evening. One way to tell is if there is a flyer with the artist’s name on it distributed by the venue or the artist(s) themselves. Another, is looking at the artists website or social media page for official dates. However, be aware that most of these are classical and jazz performances and look closely at the events to ensure you’re attending a rock concert.

After the concert, write an objective review (1500 words) of the concert detailing your experience.


  1. The names of the performing groups/artists; the date and location of the performance.
  2. Describe the setting. Is it a large hall or an intimate theater? What type of audience demographic is there? Young or old? How do they respond to the music?
  3. The different styles/genres of songs the artist(s) perform.
  4. Use your notes and experience to describe the different musical elements (i.e. melody, harmony, timbre, technology, form, volume, etc.) you recognize in most (if not all) the songs/pieces.
  5. Be sure to arrive on time to hear the entire concert.
  6. Attach a photo of the flyer, ticket, or screenshot of the webpage when you submit this assignment.
  7. Describe your personal reaction to the concert. List reasons why you think it was successful or not. However, do not make this the center of your paper. It should be one or two paragraphs at the end. Further, use data to support your arguments about why it was successful or not successful. (e.g., How did people respond verbally and non-verbally? Was this based on your perception or was there a general consensus? If it is a consensus, then what facts do you have to support this?)
  8. Try to do some background research on the genre or artist before and after you attend the concert. This is not a research paper, but if you use any information from any source (including the artist’s website), you must cite it both in-text and on a works-cited page.