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Question Description

Phase IV: Final Paper

Methodology and Data Collection:

Based on Phase II of your Organizational Profile each team will then interview a manager that is currently working in the business organization selected. Your team will conduct an interview with this manager to better understand his or her job and the organization. You may not interview someone in the immediate family of a team member; someone you have interviewed for a previous course OR a manager on GMU campus. You can choose to record the interview but must have the individual’s consent to do so. This paper will be written from the individual managerial viewpoint. You can also obtain your data from:

1. Literature review (e.g. Bios of founders, news articles on the company)

2. Employee interviews

3. “Promotional” materials assessment (including web sites)

4. Industry analysis

Managerial Analysis:

An in-depth managerial analysis of a selected manager from designated organization, e.g., a corporation, company, firm or association (ideally, an organization which you have some interest in joining as an employee someday). The team will gather information about one current issue or problem the manager is facing and write a paper that provides an in-depth analysis of this issue or problem using principles learned in this class, concluding with a recommendation to the manager. This assignment challenges you to connect the real-life experiences of a business manager to the theoretical principles of management and to draw your own conclusions about how to approach problems that managers face in the business world today.

Given the challenge or problem the manager is facing how might the four functions of management impact how they handle it in the organization. You will analyze this phase of the paper from the individual level of analysis. Here are the primary issues that should be addressed in the paper.

Section One: Manager Overview and Current Issue/Problem

  • Who is the manager and what are their responsibilities? What is the current issue or challenge the manager is facing?

Section Two: Managerial Functions

  • How might the manager utilize the four functions to solve this issue/problem?

a. Planning: What planning methodologies could be used to address the challenge? Are there any stakeholders that affect the issue at hand? Is there a certain strategy being utilized?

b. Organizing: Does the organizational structure assist with solving the problem? How does the organization manage change? Is the organizational culture helping or hurting the manager with the issue? How is decision making utilized by the manager?

c. Leading: What specific managerial/leadership skills could assist with solving this challenge? How did the manager acquire their managerial/leadership skills? Are their specific motivational techniques that would help overcome the issue? Could teamwork be utilized more efficiently and effectively?

d. Controlling: What organizational controls have been implemented to assist the manager with decisions? Could more controls be added to assist the problem?

Section Three: Recommendations

  • What management theories could assist this manager to develop a solution to the issue/challenge?
  • What changes should the manager make to overcome the issues?
  • Are there any skills lacking in the organization or manager that could help with this challenge?
  • If you were to coach the manager what would you advise?

Structure & Length:

Each team member needs to identify which section they wrote in the paper. Please place your name next to the section title. Your team must include a transcript as the appendix to the paper—this will identify who asked which questions in the interview. The paper should be approximately 10 pages with well documented references and bibliography in APA format. You MUST have at least 5 academic references for this paper to back up your arguments. Please review the rubric below to ensure your team is on the right track.