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Question Description

  • Please read the case “Chipotle needs to change” on Page number 406, Chapter 10 “Organizational change and innovation” available in your textbook/e-textbook “Management: A Practical Approach” 9th edition by Kinicki, A., & Williams, B., and answer the following questions:

Assignment Question(s):(Marks 5)

  • What is the underlying problem in this case from CEO Brian Niccol’s perspective?(2marks)
  • What type of change Niccol need to inspire- reactive or proactive? Explain
  • Using Fig 10.1 on page 380, describe what forces for change exist both inside and outside Chipotle.(1 mark)
  • Utilize Lewin’s change model (Fig 10.2 on page 384) as a blueprint and describe how Niccol can inspire change at Chipotle?(1 mark)

(1 mark)