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Question Description


To gain in-depth knowledge on Network Security and Various methods, tools and technologies available to prevent the company IT Networks attacks by undertaking a detailed case study.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this course work, you’ll be able to:

• To identify the real-world network Security Threats, Vulnerabilities and counter measures.

• To study various web tools and web applications used by the company both server side and client side.

• To study the specific security tool involved in identifying the network security attacks and its features.

• In Real-world, how the network security administrators monitor the intruders and attacks of security risks of the company networks

• Analysis of security logs and investigating the security Threats

• To know how to protect the networks using practical tool to scan the vulnerabilities and identifying the intruders by setting up Honeypots.

• To gain knowledge in various security providing vendors.

Case Study Report:

Based on the knowledge gained from the module, students are expected to choose any real-world business information system and carry out a detailed case study on it by covering the following aspects but not limited to and submit the report.

• This task requires you to demonstrate the ability to conduct an investigation of security management issues in corporate organizations based on a real-life case study as outlined in the background information provided below and write a report.

• Detailed analysis about the chosen areas, duration of usage, practical problems in implementation of security tools.

• Analysis and comparison of internal security problem with external real-world Problems

• Recommendation framework to be adapted or recommended for the company to improve the security standards, tools and methods along with User Policy.

• You will be assessed on your ability to analyze the security requirements and objectives of the organization as well as the efficacy of the risk management strategies that they’ve implemented.

Note that:

This report will contain two topics (Access control, Biometric etc & Anti-malware/Anti-Virus software).

The case study report should cover the following:

Clear description of the chosen system that covers the following:

• Company IT Infrastructure, Servers & Size, Hardware, Softwares, Users)

• Type of services using IT networks

• Security Tools used with regard to the above areas

• Vendor, versions

• Major incidents reported / Network Threats / Attacks

• Process, Policies and Good Practices for avoiding internal and external risks

• Recommendations of Security Practices to prevent unauthorized access of network resources

*** Words count = 4900 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.