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Unit 3 PowerPoint assignment tips and hints

Hello everyone:

The assignment for unit 3 is an interesting one. It is another PowerPoint presentation. This assignment will explore the overall online marketing used by a major retailer. Please do not use a small, regional company. Instead, please make sure your subject is a major retailer.

The following is the minimum 9-slide content I would like to see. You may expand to additional slides if needed.

Cover page.

Who is the intended target market.



Search engine results.

Value proposition.



Reference page.

The assignment .pdf has quite a bit of information as to the information that should be under each heading. There are multiple questions for each slide. Please make sure to answer all the questions in the assignment.

I do not want the slides to have an abundance of copy. Keep the PowerPoint presentation simple for the viewer. A few pertinent bullet points per slide and some attractive graphics will keep their attention. Write the bulk of the information in the slide notes section of each slide. I need to see that all questions in the assignment are answered, but I would like the vast majority of the information on the slide notes instead of bogging down the slides themselves.

Please make sure that any sourced material is properly credited by way of an in text citation directly after the words used, and with a full APA-formatted reference on the reference page.