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Module 4 readings and lectures present different areas in which recreation, parks and leisure contribute to individual and community quality of life. With direct reference to these areas, prepare a letter to the Governor of Florida or to the governor of the state in which you reside that advocates economic investments in community parks and recreation departments or other leisure services in the state.

In order to clarify the rubric of this assignment, see following required parts for a formal letter below. Please make sure that your essay has covered all of these parts, before submitting it.1. Your name2. Your address3. Date4. Name of governor5. Recipient contact information as appropriate for a formal letter6. Salutation as appropriate for a letter to a governor7. Formal close complimentary8. Your signature9. Your affiliation10. Justified paragraphs Each of them = (0.5 pts)


  1. Your letter must be no longer than 1 page in length. Any content beyond 1 page will not be graded
  2. Your assignment must be single spaced and 12 point font
  3. Your assignment must be in the format of a formal letter. If you submit anything other than that, you will not have followed instructions and you will be given a grade of 0.
  4. You must use proper letter etiquette and present your work in formal letter format
    1. First find the name and address of the Governor of Florida or the governor of your state.
    2. Follow proper etiquette for addressing a letter to a government official. To get started: http://www.wikihow.com/Address-a-Letter-to-a-Government-Official (Links to an external site.)
    3. Follow guidelines for preparing a formal letter. To choose a template and get started: http://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Letter (Links to an external site.)
    4. Sign the letter and identify your affiliation (Student, University of Florida)
  5. Submit your assignment in Canvas. Do not submit by email unless you have difficulty accessing Canvas
  6. Submit your assignment before the deadline as late assignments will not be accepted and will receive a 0 grade