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Module 6 – Activity

1.  Review the Sponsorship proposal (Wolverine Sports Club). 

a. Evaluate the proposal against the sections included in Developing Successful Sport Sponsorship Plans 

b. Your text (Chapter 8) provides a method for valuing VIK agreements. How could this be applied to the Wolverine Sports Club in that they mention “product/service of equal value” within the sponsorship fee structure.  Hint: what type of product would be valued at what rate?

c. What type of product does this proposal appeal to? Why might be interested in this sponsorship and for what objective? 

d. How does this proposal compare to a sponsorship proposal targeted to a top sponsorship purchaser such as Budweiser or Coca-cola? 

2. Find a current sport sponsorship news article and summarize what the article is presenting. For example: current trend, issue, policy etc. Your summary should be 1-2 paragraphs (include your source as well as a review of source credibility). 

Please do not simply use the first article you find, review several articles to identify a solid source of information for learning purposes.