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Question Description

Design a 8086 microprocessor board using KiCAD and its PCB Editor. Draw the schematicusing KiCAD, export the necessary files for PCB Editor and design the board. You will berequired to submit the schematic and the board layouts. Your report should include the block diagram of the whole system, describe the necessary decoding details, describe the chips used in theproject and their programming details (give example code fragments to setup various chips alongwith their port addresses) and describe the pin-outs of all headers used to connect other devices/boards to your microprocessor board. A portion of your grade will depend on the write-up. Yourwrite-up should be a technical document, that can be used by others to use your board. Think ofthe write-up as the only documentation customers of your product (microprocessor board) aregoing to get. They should be able to understand your design and should be able to do either ofthe following:• Design a similar board using information in your document, or• Use your microprocessor board for designing a system. They should be able to understandthe interface, the specifications and the programming aspects of your board to do this.Assume that they have access to the data sheets, so don’t just blindly reproduce information fromthe data sheets. You can point the user to the relevant data sheet for more information that is notdirectly related to your board, e.g. all possible programming modes of the 8279, 8255 etc. Yourwrite-up should have a section for each of the major design blocks. Examples would be a sectionfor the 8255, one for 8279, one for 8259, a section for the 8086 and it’s associated bus logic, onefor the decoding section and so on. Remember this is not a two page lab write-up, your reportshould have a cover page with the names of the team members and a table to contents. Includethe full schematic at the end of the report as a section, reference the schematic as required inyour write-up and include the Bill of Materials report from the schematic tool. Include thelayout, one figure per board layer, the drill layer and the silkscreen. The silkscreen should beintuitive so as to make the soldering of components easy and important information should bevisible to the user once the parts have been soldered onto the board.You will work on this project as teams, so appoint a point of contact per team tocommunicate project updates or problems to the TA. Nobody is a team leader and you are allwelcome to ask questions regarding any specific problems you might encounter. You shouldcooperate with each other and meet the deadlines you have set for various design components.Divide the work equally among the team members, include a page in your report explaining thebreak-up of work between various team members. All of you should participate in the write-upprocess. You have to write the sections pertaining to the design blocks that you areassigned. Decide a common write-up format before hand so that integration of varioussubsections does not require major formatting edits