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Question Description

part one; Address all aspects of all three of the following topics, with a combined total of at least 500 words.

so you have to do all three questions with 500 words


1. How did Phil Spector change and expand the role of the producer? How was the approach to pop songwriting of Spector different from other 1950s rockers?

2. In the early 1960s, how was Motown unique in the record industry? Describe the Motown formula, and their strategy for success.

3. How was Brian Wilson’s musical vision unique? Describe Wilson’s “rock group” model.

the first 3 questions in one doc 500 words in one doc

the LISTENING JOURNAL in different doc like the 10 song in one doc and the three qu in different doc plz


1. Tune into any popular music radio broadcast – this can include internet or satellite radio. If you use a service like Pandora, be sure to choose a pop genre, and do not allow it to include related (non-popular music ) genres.

2. Write 10 journal entries – one for each song that you listen to – addressing all of the following bullet points for each song (10 songs, 10 paragraphs)

so each song one paragraph

• What’s the title of the song?

• What’s the name of the band leader and/or band ? This information is clearly provided on internet and satellite radio. If you’re listening to a traditional radio broadcast, DJs announce this info every now and then.

• What’s the instrumentation? Larger ensembles can be identified as such, but for smaller ensembles (up to 5 performers) I’d like you to identify all of the individual instruments if possible.

• Describe the general character of the music : what’s the atmosphere, vibe or emotional content of the piece? How would you describe the tempo (slow, medium, fast)? Does the music sound consonant (harmonious) or dissonant (discordant and clashing) – or something in between?

• How does the music unfold from beginning to end? This is the most important aspect of this assignment, and should comprise at least half of each of your 8 journal entries. This can include descriptions of shifts in mood and character, interesting exchanges/dialogues between instruments/musicians, descriptions of solos, and other notable moments.

part three please include 3 links to any online source of popular music music (YouTube is a great resource for both video and audio-only links). Tell us the title of the song, and the name of the lead musician or band . Then, explain why you find each song interesting.