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no general question, but i choose to write about personal financial management. so prefer someone who have knowledge about fintech, IT, finance background that can help me. 

MSITM 6309 FinTech Emerging Trend Rubric

Topic: Paper will cover an emerging technology in the Fintech space.

Paper will be 7-10 pages with references

Criteria Point Value


Varies by criteria: 1 or 1.5 points


Varies by criteria: .75 or .5 points


0 points


The topic is clearly stated. The

The Introduction alludes to the topic,

Neither implicit nor explicit


A clear overview of

Introduction conveys the

but the topic is not clearly stated. The

reference is made to the topic or to

the topic is provided.

importance of the research.

importance of the research is not

the importance of the research.

The importance of the


research is conveyed.

Balanced viewpoint

The paper presents a good balance

The paper presents multiple

The paper does not present


Multiple perspectives

between multiple perspectives,

viewpoints, but does not balance the

multiple viewpoints.

are presented. The

providing an objective viewpoint.


viewpoint is balanced

and objective.

Coherent theme

All material is clearly related to

Material is generally related to the

Material does not show obvious


Each cited study is related to the topic and to other studies.

the topic and subtopic. Strong

transitions link subtopics and main topic.

topic and subtopic. Transitions are needed to connect subtopics.

connections with the subtopics or topic.

Depth and breadth

A variety of materials are

A variety of content is included, but

Major sections of pertinent


of research

presented. The appropriate

depth or breadth of material is

content have been omitted. The

The paper presents a

content is covered in depth in an


paper does not cover the topic in

range of material and

organized fashion. Sub-headings


covers the topic in

are used for clarity.


Organization and

The information is logically

There are 1-3 errors in clarity or

There are more than three errors in



organized with good flow

information is missing. The

clarity or the information is

The information is

throughout the paper.

information is weakly organized.

disorganized. It is difficult to

logically organized

understand the intent of the author.

with good flow

throughout the paper.


Concise and reasonable conclusions are supported by literature in the review. The conclusion indicates a need for the current study.

The author made concise and reasonable conclusions based on the information in the readings. All conclusions are well supported.

Some synthesis of ideas is seen, but some of the conclusions were not supported in the body of the report. No lead-in to the current research questions or methods is provided.

There is no indication the author tried to synthesize the information or to make a conclusion based on the literature under review.


Clarity of writing and writing technique

Writing is crisp, clear, and concise. No spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, or word usage errors are made.

Writing is generally clear, but unnecessary words are occasionally used. Few (3 or less) spelling, grammar, punctuation errors sentence structure, or word usage errors are made.

It is hard to know what the writer is trying to express because grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. make the paper difficult to read.

Misspelled words, incorrect grammar, and improper punctuation are rampant.



Sources are cited when specific statements are made. Citations and references for the article follow

APA format. Essential information is accurate and complete.

Citations and references for the article followed APA format, but there are a few (3 or less) errors.

Citation and references for the article do not follow APA format or are missing essential

information. A citation or reference is missing completely.