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Question Description

please follow the instruction (introduction.doc)

1. identify problem in a thesis (pdf. file, select one from below)

Identify the Problems in these Thesis Statements: 1. The World’s Fair in New Orleans was a disaster because of the way the press criticized the way it was run, but it was exciting for little children and had many good food booths. 2. TV commercials are obnoxious to the person who is intent on watching a good show; on the other hand, they provide entertainment in the antics of the performers and they provide a good opportunity to take a snack break. 3. Since politicians are constantly bombarding each other, how do they expect anyone to know who is right and who is wrong? 4. Unless people are conscious of pollution, the world will be destroyed by the year 2050. 5. Rap is both a creative and original form of music; it also has its roots in American jazz.

2. write the introduction for paper including a thesis statement

3. give a feedback to others’ work (example thesis.doc)

read the example thesis.doc first. it will give you a example of the format.