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W3: Assignment

Researching Big Data

1. Briefly define the term Big Data, what it is and how it is used.

2. Choose one of the following research topics related to Big Data.

· Find articles that discuss the use of big data in your career field or a field in which you are interested. What benefits are being delivered? What are some of the hardware and software tools being employed? What complications are limiting the results of big data? Write a paragraph or two answering each of these questions.

· Many executives still mistrust the results of big data and analytics. Find articles that address this issue and summarize the key reasons why. How might these issues be overcome?

· IBM Watson is a question-answering computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language. Find articles that appeal and develop a one-page report that either discusses how Watson is “trained” or an application of Watson of interest to you.

At least one article should come from a GU Library resource (find the library link at the top of the Glife page). Article link should be included in the paper. Remember, information should be restated in your own words. Any direct quotes should be properly credited to the source and quotes should not comprise more than 20% of the paper.