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Outline the position you’re taking in your Argumentative essay (your working thesis). Then, complete the Drawing Conclusions Activity #4 using a credible or scholarly source. Following your response, add a few lines about how you might integrate the counter-argument and response into your Argumentative essay.


  • 1. A citation for the source,
  • 2. An analysis of the source’s argument (including the thesis and the main supporting points).
  • 3. How this source influences or impacts your argument (in relation to your ethos, pathos, logos, and/or kairos).




Illegal immigration refers to crossing a national border without complying with the migration laws or without permission from the new nation or the country a person is moving in to. This paper discusses the impacts caused by illegal immigrants, the main impact being increased deficit on the budget and government debt. One of the effects caused by illegal immigration is the increased population base. When the population base rises, government spending also increases. The spending results from increased demand by the public in areas such as health centers. The amount the government spends on the public is usually more the revenue it receives hence resulting in a deficit. The main cause of deficit is rapid growth in a nations total population forcing the government to spend more than the revenues it receives. The majority of the illegal immigrants evade paying taxes, and as a result, they enjoy the taxes paid by the citizens of the country.

Increased deficit forces the government to look for other sources of funds to finance public services whose demand have increased due to the growing population. When illegal immigrants settle permanently in a nation, they start up families hence further contributing to population growth. As a result, demand in areas such as health centers increases, forcing the government to increase its spending sourced from borrowing.

However, some illegal immigrants pay taxes to the nation, but still, the deficit remains. When illegal immigrants settle permanently in a certain nation, they look for means to make a living. Such people usually go for the job opportunities that the citizens of that nation or the legal immigrants do no work. This leads to increased production in the country hence resulting in improved living standards in the local communities. Improved productivity in the community leads to improved economic status for the people (Tucker, 2019). Illegal immigrants lead to increased diversity among the people in a particular nation. Increased diversity in communities enables society to grow through the sharing of new ideas and perspectives. New ideas or availability of new information enables the community to be creative and innovative.

Creativity and innovation facilitate better and improved productivity since new techniques are invented, which intern results in efficiency and more outputs in production. Hence when illegal immigrants settle permanently in a nation, diversity increases, and when their various skills and knowledge are combined, a stronger, responsive, and more productive outlook is created. This facilitates entrepreneurship in the country. Entrepreneurship results in the creation of more job opportunities for both illegal immigrants and local citizens. Hence also contributing to better living standards and improved economic status. In spite of creating strong local economies, illegal immigrants facilitate in the creation of stronger global economies. This is through learning new skills and taking them to their home countries hence improving the economic status of that country through improved production (Ethier 1986).

With time, the illegal immigrants desire to be recognized as dedicated citizens whose desire is to improve the economy of the nation not to slow it down. Hence some of the illegal taxpayers end up paying taxes to the local government. The reason why they do that is to show they comply with the federal law taxes to show their good moral character and in order to become eligible for legal migration status in the future. However, their contributions cannot be referred to as perfect since the majority of them receive their income in the form of cash. This are majorly undocumented immigrants. Hence what they pay as tax may not be an honest amount or be the same percentage as the legal citizens pay. Some of the undocumented immigrants choose not to pay since no one can be able to recognize their failure to pay. Such actions contribute to a deficit in a country.

The overall taxes paid by illegal immigrants reduce the deficit, but due to factors such as failure to pay the taxes, dishonest information about the total income, the government ends up spending more than it receives. Other ways in which illegal immigration leads to a deficit in budget and government borrowing include issues related to overpopulation. Illegal immigration can cause overpopulation in a nation, which results in increased demand for public services such as schools and hospitals. The available public services demand to be increased hence forcing the government to spend more on increasing public services. The spending ends up being more than the revenues earned since the illegal immigrants evade taxes.

Illegal immigrants may lead to the transmission of diseases to the nation they move in to hence affecting government spending. Government spending is affected by the cost incurred in the production and distribution of medicines and vaccines to cure the diseases. Also, when people are infected with diseases, their economic productivity is affected. Infected people get weak to work, and others get separated from the uninfected people to avoid transmission, which in turn affects the productivity in the short and long run.

The majority of the illegal immigrants are less educated hence resulting in a net fiscal drain for communities. When immigrants are more educated, the net economy of a particular nation increases. Hence less-educated illegal immigrants cause the growth of the economy to deteriorate since they lack the skills required in production, thus ending up jobless. Creativity and innovation of a certain country is hindered by the availability of less educated or skilled immigrants. In addition, illegal immigration leads to an increased labor force, which affects income disparity in a country (Hjarnø, 2019). Illegal immigration from a developing country to a developed country causes illegal immigrants to take employment opportunities for a lower wage compared to the local non-immigrants. The availability of adequate workers willing to take a much lower wage leads to wage disparity, which intern affects the growth rate of job opportunities in the nation.

In conclusion, illegal immigration is caused by various factors such as war, extreme poverty, and trade, among others. In result, the nation to which people move in illegally is affected mainly by the government budget, which forces the government to seek funds through borrowing.

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