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Question Description

Please watch the movie The Caine Mutiny (1954) directed by Edward Dmytryk. I would suggest taking notes while you watch it. You can find the questions to guide you on the next page, but you are not limited to them. You are free to emphasize any other important point you observe in the movie. You are going to write an essay with introduction, main body and conclusion sections and incorporate the questions into your ESSAY.


  • Captain de Vries: “This one is tired. She’s had the guts run out of her, or we’d have it molt down for razorblades. The crew may not look like much, they are tired too, but every man is OK. (27:40)” What did Captain de Vries try to tell the new captain? (please think about the leadership theories and followers)
  • Lieutenant Commander Philip Francis Queeg: “I’ve had seven tough years in the Atlantic. Believe you me, the last two were mighty interesting. When those subs [submarines] ganged up on us, I thought they had it on me personally. (30:30)” Do you think Captain Queeg’s previous deployment/position might have a negative impact on his psychology?
  • Does the captain get carried away sometimes? How does he cover up the mistake of cutting the towline by circling around? Does he admit mistakes or blame the others? Why does not he want his ship to be the last ship arriving Pearl Harbor after the exercise? (35:20).
  • What happens when the USS Caine assists the landing craft to the beach? Does the captain’s behavior change under stress? Why does Lieutenant Steve Maryk, the executive officer, argue with the captain? How do the officers and crew interpret the captain’s behavior? (51:00)
  • Does Captain Quegg try to gain the respect of his officers and make peace in the wardroom meeting? Why does he fail? Do the officers trust him? How does Lieutenant Keefer, the communications officer, explain captain’s mental status? (55:54)
  • Can people be led only by relying on position power and fear?
  • Considering the Managerial Grid theory, how can you define Captain Queeg’s leadership?
  • How does Lt. Maryk’s opinion on the captain’s mental health change?
  • What happens on the night of the typhoon? Is the captain able to give orders?
  • What is Captain Queeg’s problem? What happens at the courtroom?

The paper will be double-spaced, font size 12, minimum 3 pages and maximum 4 pages. You are not required to cite additional sources. You are expected to present the content, critically analyze it and reflect on the new information you gained while connecting the issues to the broader themes of course. It is essential that your paper is well-organized and written in professional language that applies the grammar and spelling rules.