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 Part 1: Initial Post

  1. Choose a product or service that you typically purchase (please use a product not used in a previous Module).
  2. Share a brief description of the product/service and where you typically purchase that product (in a brick-and-mortar store, from an online retailer, etc.).
  3. Which type of B2C marketing channel does this represent? (see Section 8.2 in your etext)
  4. Does the company that makes this product utilize other marketing channels (methods of distribution) for this product? In other words, does the firm sell direct to customers and also through retailers? Identify all of the ways that this firm makes it product available to consumers.
  5. As mentioned in Module 4, the choice of which distribution strategy to use is very important and affected by several factors:
    • Type of customer
    • Type of product
    • Channel partner capabilities
    • Competing products’ marketing channels
  6. For your chosen product, describe specifically the factors listed above, and how they may influence the distribution strategy of the product (apply each to the product).