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Industry Technical Report

The technical report requires a different format than a traditional research informed paper . It requires a Table of Contents, Executive Summary, multiple sections, and incorporates tables, diagrams and data. In general these reports summarize the current status of an industry sector summarize issues the industry is confronting that may threaten its future, and offers recommendations to minimize threats. Examples include: Restaurants of various types, hotels, bed & breakfasts, shared economy, airline, cruise line, lodges, casinos, theme parks, campgrounds and others. I WANT TO FOCUS ON THE HOTEL INDUSTRY SO THATS WHAT I WOULD LIKE MY TOPIC TO BE NOT ALL OF THE ABOVE TOPICS SHOWN ABOVE.

Report should be 11 pages 2 references per page is required

A typical technical report consists of the following elements:

The title page

The introduction

The summary

Experimental details

Results and discussions

The body


The conclusion may include:






****Professor also wants a Customer/user/participant satisfaction survey (This may be included in your technical report if it makes sense to have it there; e.g., hard copies, mobile apps, electronic exit surveys)****