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Question Description

You will prepare a final reflection paper. In this paper, you will review your experiences in this class, using your journal to guide you.


Step 1 – Journal Entry, Final Reflection Expectations

  • At the conclusion of this course, you will address what you have learned, what has been the most valuable, what may have surprised you to learn about yourself, how this class has impacted you, etc. This paper should be 3 pages in APA format, not including the title page, abstract, or references (if applicable). THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL USE TO WRTIE THE PAPER!!!!!
    I’ll link the course book below. You can explain how chapter chapter 2 was something I was surprised to learn. You can make up why that is.
  • – You can use chapter 6 in what was the most valuable and make why that is.
    – You can use chapter 5 on the things that’s I’ve learn.
    – Finally , you can use these chapters and explain what I’ve learn in all.

(Link: https://pqc.instructure.com/courses/1265/files/131697/download?verifier=BQKuE42Oc9DDiDOlV39LUN5EjxBWddJ9jK8Y2gUp&wrap=1 )