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People attend college to earn a degree in their field of interest and to potentially make more money than minimum wage. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2015, a person with a bachelor’s degree boosted salaries 54 percent more over what you would have earned if you stopped your education after high school.

Even though the cost to attend college will be beneficial in the long run because you will earn more money than your peers with a high school diploma, you are giving up full time work. But if you compare the full- time salary, say $25,000 that you will earn if you decide to forego the college degree, that is $100,000 over the 4 years or possibly more depends on how long it takes you to complete a college degree.

The costs that you will incur by attending college are not making full-time money but possibly part-time money, tuition, and books. The long run benefits will be earning more than 54% than a person without a degree, earning more money over your lifetime compared to someone without a degree, and possibility to increase those earnings if you get master’s degree.

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