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Question Description

The purpose of this research paper is to familiarize you with research literature in psychology through reading and summarizing one paper about an experimental/descriptive research on a topic in psychology. You will summarize the different sections of the paper in your own words as much as possible. DON’T WORRY ABOUT TABLES AND GRAPHS. Make sure your first page includes your “Running head”, “Tile” and your info (Name, last name, institution, etc.) and that it complies with the APA format. First page should be followed by your “Abstract” page (which is a summary of what you are about to report). You will site only your paper in your reference page, APA style.. GCC online library databases, especially Psychinfo, Proquest Psychology Journals, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection are excellent places to start. Check only “scholarly journals.” The paper itself (Not including the title page, abstract, and the references) SHOULD BE NO LESS THAN THREE PAGES. You would need to talk about the background of the topic (usually in the beginning of the research paper), the experimental design (if it applies), subjects, results, discussions and potential shortcoming of the study.

To sum it up for the research paper all you have to do is summarize each bold section in the article in your own words and make sure to only cite only the article being used and no other websites!!

Attached below is the article that needs to be used for this paper, the paper that is attached should be the only paper on the reference page, no other sources should be used!!