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Read “The Value Proposition Design Ch. 2.3”

Thinking about talking with Uber customer

Based on the reading listed above, image as u talks to customers to gain insights relevant to your context. Use the Value Proposition Canvas to prepare interviews and organize the chaotic mass of information that will be coming at you during the interview process.

Create a customer profile. Sketch out the jobs, pains and gains you believe characterize the customer you are targeting. Rank jobs, pains and gains in order of importance

Create an interview outline. Ask yourself what you want to learn. Derive the interview questions from your customer profile. Ask about the most important jobs, pains and gains

Conduct the interview by following the interview ground rules (https://www.strategyzer.com/blog/posts/2015/11/8-tips-for-conducting-interviews-that-deliver-relevant-customer-insights)

Capture. Map out the jobs, pains and gains you learned about in your interview on an empty customer profile. Make sure you also capture business model learnings. Write down your most important insights.

Search for patterns. Can you discover similar jobs, pains and gains? What stands out? What is similar or different? Why are they similar or different?

Synthesize. Make a separate synthesized customer profile for every customer segment that emerges from all your interviews. Write down your most important insights on sticky notes