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Post to reply to==> Justice has many meanings depending on its use and intent!  Justice within the biblical context, has to do with following rules set by the Christian God.  In the legal terms, it entails the enforcement of laws that have been broken or disregarded.  Laws represent the edicts that a particular act that society agrees is harmful and wrong; Called a crime.  Punishment under this thesis is reciprocal. But, it has to be acceptable by social norms.  The framework is ultimately to be a deterrent of future unlawful activity.  It is debatable, for now it supports the concept.  Retribution is the penalty of a crime according to the laws of the land.  Which the penalty is in actuality the correction for the wrongdoing.  Correction in the United States has different routes that are supposed to equal the severity.  Some instances it will be incarceration. To be remanded to a prison for a prescribed time that a judge finds fitting of the illegal behavior.  Is our system, just?  Once again, I have to mention that it is contentious.  The society and it customs can have much influence on how it is perceived.  For the longest time, it was thought that people of color and poorer economic standing were not protected by certain laws.  Until recently, the American  justice system has been rethinking some of them.  They tendency was that they were working against marginalized groups.  Our text defines it as a duty or principle, most importantly as moral reasoning (Boss p.278).  So, injustice can come from the mere viewpoint of a society in a time period.  It happens mostly because misunderstanding on the proper application, thereof.  Part of the dilemma when it comes to applying justice,  is whom it effects.  Again, this goes to our prison problem.  The prison need to be reformed as a rehabilitation facility, rather than a punitive functionary.