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Must use a scholarly source that is not an internet source.

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Week 3 Discussion

There are different types of quantitative research designs that justify or support themselves in nursing research. Choose one quantitative type design and identify a major advantage and a major disadvantage of this design. Give an example how this quantitative research design could be used in nursing practice to solve a clinical problem (not one noted in your textbook). 

Peer post:

Quantitative research refers to any research done based on information that is measured. These quantitative research tend to use some specific objective to acquire the intended data. In general, quantitative research’s main aim is to comprehend the relationship between variables by testing hypotheses. There are four main types of Quantitative research used in nursing. Descriptive research’s main aim is to study the characteristics of people situations or a large population keenly. It also tends to try and figure out the frequency with which certain occurrences happen by using statistics (HERILISTIYAWATI et al., 2017). Descriptive research is essential because of its outstanding advantage. It provides various vital data using methods like observation (Bloomfield et al., 2019). This implies that it takes less time to use this method in research. In addition, descriptive research design can be done in a natural environment (it does not require additional modifications to conduct this research). The descriptive research method has a major undermining disadvantage. It only researches on what problems happened whereby it does not explain why the problem or situation occurred or how it happened. It is so inconvenient because to solve a particular problem, one needs to get a better understanding of how the issue came to happen and why it happened. With a shortage of such helpful information, the research may be challenging to handle or the problem challenging to find solutions. In nursing, the descriptive research method is proper in monitoring trends and patterns in healthcare use, which helps in planning and management; this refers to averages and other statistical calculations.