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write 600 words with min 2-3 peer reviewed references

Critical Thinking 6: page 426 – Part 1

Please answer these questions?

1. Anecdotally, it seems a no-brainer that companies that provide perks such as free food, discounts, and generous vacation as well as maternity leave would attract top-notch talent. But more than perks, leadership expert Carmine Gallo claims in a Forbes article,27 employees love work that seems meaningful to them. The happiest workers are engaged because they believe they have purpose.28 Reflect on what work means to you and which companies you would like to work for. Do you agree with Gallo? What lends his claims credibility? (L.O. 3)

2. Information graphics, also called infographics, are popular online for reporting and illustrating complex data. Why do you think infographics continue to be popular? How could infographics be useful in your field? (L.O. 1, 4, and 5)

3. Why do researchers often trust the reliability of information obtained from scholarly journals, major newspapers, and well-known magazines? Why should researchers use caution when accessing information from Wikipedia, online forums, and blogs? (L.O. 3)

4. Some people say that business reports never contain footnotes. If you were writing your first report for a business and you did considerable research, what would you do about documenting your sources? (L.O. 4)

5. Ethical Issue: Consider this logical appeal under the heading “Reasons Students Hate Writing Essays or Term Papers” and evaluate its validity and ethics: Three term papers due tomorrow with three major tests from three of the classes as well as a long math assignment. What should a student do? This problem while in [sic] exaggeration often happens to students. It is like all the teachers decide to overwhelm the students in their classes with not only tests on the same day but also term papers, essays, or other writing assignments. This is the reason most students hate writing term papers or other types of writing. Other reasons for disliking writing assignments are poor English classes in high school, often instructors fail to explain different writing styles, unsure of topics to write, and instructors fail to read the writing assignments.[…] Don’t be afraid to reach out and get help if it’s needed! CustomPapers.com can assist you.29

Guffey, Mary Ellen; Loewy, Dana. Business Communication: Process & Product (p. 426). Cengage Learning. Kindle Edition.

Guffey, Mary Ellen; Loewy, Dana. Business Communication: Process & Product (p. 426). Cengage Learning. Kindle Edition.