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hello i have an essay. You are required to write between 4-5 double-spaced pages. Please use the course readings andhave full references, citations (Chicago Manual of Style) to support yourarguments. I WILL ATTACH THE READINGS AND THE PROMPT BELOW.

The Essay subject:

Gender is the integral part of the Middle East politic. As such, “in Iran in order to pave the way for the conservative religious vision of a ‘good Muslim society’ … women have been targeted as markers of identity and have been made the object of social and economic policies and restrictive legal reforms (Hoodfar, 2010: 886). In Turkey “[m]otherhood and women’s role in socialisation were central themes in nation-building ideologies” … and “traditional roles were re-emphasised in the nationalist ideology. … [In] Westernism, Islamism, and Turkism, women were at the centre of social projects as objects of modernisation. … [M]en were keen to keep women within the boundaries of their own image of womanhood, which did not go beyond the traditional” (Cakir, 2007 : 67) roles.

Based on that short summary, please write an essay in which you compare and evaluate gender politics and women’s situations (similarities and differences) in Iran and Turkey.