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Police Brutality in Georgia


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  • What factors have led to this issue?
  • What steps have been taken to resolve this issue? By whom?
  • What solution do you propose?
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Police Brutality

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Police Brutality

Police brutality is when the police use extreme and unnecessary power to enforce the law. Generally, these brutalities are a form of police misdemeanors or cruelty, infringement of civil rights. It is also explained as a condition where police officers use excessive force against an individual. Police brutality includes verbal persecution, mental harm, property damage, the ineffectiveness of the police officers, and in some cases, mortality.

K- What I already know about my topic

W- What I want to know about my topic

L- What I have learned about my topic

Police brutality can cause death due to severe injuries caused like in the case of George Floyd, who was brutalized by the police.

I would like to know how or what can be done to stop police brutality.

I have learned that psychologists play an essential role in the amendment process through collecting information on predisposing police stops and the use of force to bring involvement that decreases brutality.

Most abused children are constantly threatened from disclosing the harm caused to them, and they may end up dying due to stress and severe injuries caused.

I would also appreciate knowing what the government is doing concerning the rise of police brutality.

I have also learned the government has introduced law enforcement that authorizes actions to any police who is brutal.

Insufficient institutionalized training can lead to brutality due to a lack of ongoing training.

How can parents converse with children about the topic concerning police violence?

Parents should hold conversations concerning police brutality topics with their children. However, according to Dastsgir (2020), avoiding police brutality topics will not assist in solving the violence.

Police officers should be accountable for any brutality they do. Unfortunately, many are cases of brutality, and no action is taken to prevent the reoccurrence of the violence.

Lastly, I wanted to know the steps to take when one encounters police brutality.

1. Finally, I learned that an individual should always report to the authorities when brutalized by the police.



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