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Question Description

I’m working on a Philosophy discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

1. Please read the article and write the following discussion broad question around 300 words.


Some philosophers distinguish artifacts from natural objects in a way that renders only natural objects, not artifacts, as genuine substances. In this week’s reading assignment, Baker refutes five arguments for this claim (all from David Wiggins). The first argument says that Fs are genuine substances only if Fs have an internal principle of activity, and since artifacts lack an internal principle of activity, artifacts aren’t genuine substances.

For this week, discuss Wiggins’s argument and Baker’s response. Then, using your own examples, explain either why you think that Wiggins is correct or why you think that Baker is correct. And as you respond to your peers, focus on their reason, not on their explication of Wiggins’s argument or Baker’s response.

2. Please do not use outside sources.