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For this assessment, you have been tasked with creating three assessment questionnaires to determine if a prisoner is ready for parole.

In your studies of the key theories, you will create three assessments based on three perspectives: behaviorist, psychoanalytic, and social learning. Accompanying the assessments will be an Analysis Sheet which you will create to analyze the perspectives—this Analysis Sheet should be appropriate for prison administrators to understand the perspectives and use it as information to help them select and adopt the assessment questionnaire.

Research the scholarship on the three theories. Follow these steps to complete the assessment:


Create three assessments; each assessment should include five questions:

  1. Assessment Questionnaire: Behaviorist.
  2. Assessment Questionnaire: Psychoanalytic.
  3. Assessment Questionnaire: Social Learning.

Then, prepare an Analysis Sheet that addresses the following points about the questionnaires:

  • Identify the theories and theorists used as the framework for each questionnaire.
  • Describe the positions of the behavioral perspective, the psychoanalytic perspective, and the social learning perspective.
  • Compare and contrast the theories.
  • Evaluate the merits of each theory and how the questions that were drafted align with the theory.

You will have a total of four items to submit for this assessment:

  • 3 assessment questionnaires.
  • 1 Analysis Sheet.
Additional Requirements
  • Written communication:Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: Ensure that resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting guidelines.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
  • Length of Analysis Sheet: 3–4 pages.