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 Progress Report
Think of this assignment as a follow-up for your proposal.  Your proposal has been approved.  A
contract has been awarded to your organization.  You are now approaching the half way point of
the proposed program.
Write a progress report in which you give a clear and complete assessment of the program up to
this point.  In your report, provide accurate and specific information on the completed tasks, the
problems you encountered and solved, the plan to solve further problems, and the remaining
tasks to be completed.
Your progress report must include the following sections:
Provide an overview of the progress so far.
Provide the basic information of the proposed program.  (You can copy necessary information
from your proposal.)
Give an overall assessment of the completed tasks.
Explain what possible adjustments will be made.
Give a clear and complete account of the tasks completed.
Identify what problems occurred and describe how they were solved.
Explain how the changes will affect the overall program.
Identify what possible problems you anticipate and provide a problem-solving plan.
Describe what remaining tasks are to be completed.
Revise you budget.  Identify and explain the changes made.  
Provide an honest evaluation of the progress so far and your expectations of the completion of
the program 



Date: October 11, 2021,

To: Matilda Storm

CEO of Gems Galore Jewelry

Address: Parker streets, London

UK, E1 7BS

From: John Wick

Senior Web Officer

Subject: New Company Website


The vision for this project is to develop a website that will help increase the organization’s customer base and improve marketing methods.


I, John Wick, the senior chief web officer of Gems Galore Jewelry, am writing to present a business project, which is mutually beneficial for the organization and will enable an increase in our online sales, increase organization awareness, present an image that is professional and modern, engage and expand our customer base. I am writing in request of support with grand amount of $50,000. The purpose for this grant is for completion of the phase 1 of the project.

There has been increased need of effective strategies that can be used in improving efficiency in an organization. With the advancement in digital technology and online transactions, a company aiming at attaining competitive advantage has to adjust accordingly by adopting the latest technology in the business strategies. In implementing such technology, the company must have specific goals that are to be attained through the adoption of the technology. Among the objectives include increasing online sales as a way of enhancing large economies of scale. Also, there is a need to ensure the target audience understands the products and services of the organization. This is attained through implementing an effective awareness strategy that can be achieved through developing a user friendly and resourceful organization’s website. In addition, efficiency can be enhanced through branding where the organization is presented to the target market as a friendly organization.


The organization lacks an effective website that can be used in expanding the customer base and increasing the sales revenue. Low online presence may affect the efficiency of the organization and the ability to attain competitive advantage.

The organization have developed and created loyal customers base in London for the past few years. However, most of the customers age 35years and below, few customers are aged above 35 years and shop with Gems Galore Jewelry in-store. With more customers shopping online, I believe there is a great opportunity to increase as well as expand the customer base beyond our local area. Furthermore, the first website the organization developed in 2017 using free online template has remained unchanged till today and it looks unrefined as well as very dated. In addition, it is not compatible with mobile as the new website the organization would need.

Therefore, the project will improve efficiency of the organization through ways such as:

· Improving awareness of the company’s products and services.

· Improving online sales for the organization.

· Improving the organization’s brand.

Proposed program

The new website would be mobile-compatible, accessible to all individuals including the once with low vision and stylish. It will include:

· A page showing company’s history

· Link to all company’s social media profile

· A blog that will be used to update customers on the business and jewelries through content management system

· Ecommerce store, which accepts all major credit cards including PayPal

· Contact page with company’s email, online contact form and telephone number.

In this project, I would be responsible for copywriting and content strategy, which includes;

· Optimization of mobile device and search engine

· Visual design

· Site graphics and customer service portal

· Software platform, which includes Front-end and back-end coding

· Limited vision user accessibility

· Training and technical support

· Testing as well as quality assurance


I am ready to start this project on October 20, 2021. The process takes 7-9weaks, which depends on how fast I get the approval at each level or point. So, the new website is expected to be ready for testing and launching in the beginning of January, 2022.

Qualifications and Experiences

I have an exceptional track record as a website developer and designer and have always worked and pushed to produce reliable, innovate and responsive websites. I have developed more than 10 websites in the past one year, with 5 years’ experience.




Website development


Digital marketing and social media


Training and testing