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Question Description

What this submission needs to include:


  • Tentative Title (Bold letters and centered at the top of your essay)
  • This should be at least (double-spaced – use Times New Roman 12 size fonts) – remember the submission will be 6-7 pages.
  • List of works cited both in the essay (in text citations) and at the bottom of the essay following proper citation style


  • While the writing doesn’t need to be polished at this stage, it needs to clearly demonstrate the direction of your project and your argument. You are still expected to have minimal grammar errors.
  • Your introduction / opening page should be the most polished part in this draft and should clearly communicate your thesis statement, and what is at stake in this research.
  • You should also make sure to identify your methodology in the opening sections (what approach are you taking? which disciplines are you bringing into conversation?)
  • If you plan to divide your paper in subsections name, the subsections and provide tentative titles in this draft.
  • For this draft, it is expected that you may have not completed your research. If that is the case and there is a section in your paper that is still incomplete please include the title and a brief summary of what you plan to cover in that section, so that we get a sense of what you plan to do beyond the writing you’ll submit. Either highlight this paragraph or clearly state that it is still incomplete.
  • Make sure you provide in text citations for any sources you are using. Even though this is a draft it is good to use this as a chance to familiarize yourselves with the citation process.

You will receive feedback on your submissions so you can continue working on your papers before the final submission. Remember: the more of your ideas that are present in this draft the better feedback we’ll be able to provide.

How this submission will be graded / Criteria:

  • Is the submission consistent with the formatting guidelines and was it turned in on time?
  • Is there a tentative title and does the title communicate the intended argument?
  • Is there a clear thesis?
  • Is the argument structured well and is the evidence provided clearly supporting it?
  • Are the citations following the required style?
  • Does the writer communicate what is at stake in this research / why the project is important?
  • Is the essay structured effectively?
  • Does the writing flow well? (Concepts are introduced efficiently, and ideas flow well, transitions between ideas make sense)




Through dance, people of different races and cultures around the world have been able to communicate or share costumes, cultures, and traditions through movements of body on dance stages or in movies. Discrimination of minorities in dance and movies industries should be prohibited as so many of them have rich cultural history to offer.


Introduction and thesis statement. The introduction and thesis statement will introduce the topic of discussion of this paper. Additionally, it will provide the reader with vital insight into the information documented in the paper. Prominent terms such as dance, movie, and culture, in relation to the topic of the paper, will be defined and expounded upon.

The history of Dance. This section will suffuse the initiation and development of dance as a transient form of art and its impact on the culture of its audience. It will also enlighten on the development of the different forms of dance in the world today, adopted as popular culture.

The history of movies. This section will illuminate the evolution of movies from the olden times and their contribution to the development of the modern world due to the reception by the masses from the various cultures and races. The directors and actors will be shown as the storytellers, who aim at portraying the society as it is through the form depicted in the movies they produce and avail to the world.

The impact of movies and dance on the masses. This section will describe the perception of the various dance and movies available for the audiences reported in connection to their culture, diversity, and ethnicity.

Discrimination against minorities. This section will describe the how minorities are discriminated against in the dance and movie industries and why discrimination should be prohibited.

Conclusion. The conclusion of the paper will reiterate the primary argument: dance and movie performance of race and culture, to take back the reader to the strengths of the argument and the evidence provided.


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