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Question Description

write minimum 1800 words

Please use the MSN Prompt listed below. The paper should include scholarly works and references.

What brought me to the program is the MSN/MBA track. I was looking to further my career as a nurse leader with a masters in business administration etc…

this is graduate level writing and you should be able to go into depth for each question and elaborate appropriately an average is about ten pages not including the title or reference page.

Throughout the MSN program you have identified core graduate competencies and MN essential which were identified and achieved as you complete your MSN Leadership program. This final paper will address the highlights of you professional practice as a mental health nurse and nurse leader.

Also a SWOT analysis that addresses personal development plan must be included in this paper.

  • What brought you to the program, what was a problem your identified track (Educator, Executive, LNC, Dual degree) enabled you to explore?
  • In that exploration, what have you identified as challenges and how did your research in those challenges propose resolutions and next steps?
  • Include all courses that added to your professional practice and why the courses enabled you to improve your professional practice. The paper should also include professional and academic achievements you have experienced while working towards this degree.
  • Finally, provide the trajectory of your professional practice as you have come to the end of the degree you were seeking.
  • What are your future plans and goals for your practice and what changes do you hope to make as an MSN Leadership graduate?
  • The paper should include scholarly works, in-text citations and a reference list (submit your draft to SmarThinking for initial feedback on formatting and structure).