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People spend a considerable part of their working day _________ with others. One of the findings of the early work activity studies (Burns, 1954, 1957; Horn and Lupton, 1965), echoed more recently by Oshagbemi (1988), is that managers and others consistently underestimate the amount of time they spend ...

A. relating

B. hiding from

C. talking about

D. misunderstanding

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_________ is a core competence. People who cannot _______ cannot relate. Nichols and Stevens (1957) estimate that 45 per cent of all communication time is spent __________ compared with 30 per cent speaking, 16 per cent reading and 9 per cent writing. Despite the fact that people spend so much time __________, few ever receive any formal training on how to __________ effectively.

A. Talking

B. listening, listening

C. Observing

D. selling

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