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Question 1

Pong-tai is a 12-month-old child who is being treat with amoxicillin for acute otitis media. His parents call the clinic and say he has developed diarrhea. The appropriate action would be to:

Advise the parents that some diarrhea is normal with amoxicillin and recommend probiotics daily.
Change the antibiotic to one that is less of a gastrointestinal irritant.
Order stool cultures for suspected viral pathogens not treated by the amoxicillin.
Recommend increased fluids and fiber in his diet.

Question 2

To prevent further development of antibacterial resistance it is recommend that fluoroquinolones be reserved for treatment of:

Urinary tract infections in young women
Upper respiratory infections in adults
Skin and soft tissue infections in adults
Community-acquired pneumonia in patients with comorbidities

Question 3

Treatment for suspected gonorrhea is: