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Module 06 Assignment Directions

Your t-shirt company has been a huge success. You now need to create a presentation for the company’s Executive Leaders who are considering moving into international markets to sell more t-shirts. Before moving into international markets, the company needs to find out from market research if this will be profitable. Your job is to create two market research ideas for the international market.

Submit a 7-10 slide PowerPoint presentation in which you describe the market research for your t-shirt company in the international apparel industry. Your presentation in PowerPoint needs to include a title page and a reference list slide (included in total number of slides). Below is a list of information to include in your presentation to the Executive Leaders.

T-shirt Company Marketing Research and Expansion Slides (7-10 slides)

  1. Title Slide (1 slide)
  2. Describe your t-shirt company (1 slide)
  3. Describe the t-shirt company success in the market you chose (1 slide)
  4. Describe how the market research will impact the company’s marketing strategy for global expansion. What are the benefits of market research when expanding into international markets? (1 slide)
  5. Choose two market research options (2 slides)
    1. What are the two research options you’ve chosen?
    2. What is the goal for each research option you selected?
    3. What are the benefits to using each research method you’ve selected?
    4. Briefly describe the process for each.
  6. Reference Slide (1 slide)