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Repeated mistakes after corrections will be given heavier penalties, so learn from your mistakes.  In addition to chapters from the required texts, you are expected to research outside material related to the current topics.  Each research paper must have three (3) developed sources outside the textbooks.  Wikipedia, encyclopedia, advertisements, and blogs are NOT acceptable as sources in academic writings.  If Wikipedia is used the paper will not be accepted. 

All writing projects must follow the APA 6TH EDITION FORMAT. If not in the APA Format, the assignment will not be accepted. If you have not purchased the APA Manuel, do so ASAP.You cannot use the short cut method of downloading, or the small booklet.

ASSIGNMENT 3:  Write a one page opinion paper on the following:

Suppose that you are a prison warden.  A group of prisoners calling themselves the “Sun Devils” claims that they are a religious organization.  They request that the institution grant them permission to chant at the sun at noon each day as part of their First Amendment rights.  How would you determine whether you must grant this request?  DUE Saturday Minimum 1 ½ pages not to included abstract, and reference page.