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1. Andrea Orellana 

Week 3 discussion


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It seems as though the amount of business actively searching for employees is rising more and more. People seem to be jumping from job to job for various reasons. To some, they prefer to stay at their place of employment due to the positive working conditions. The relationships between coworkers are ideal and with their supervisor, it is even better. Other companies may be offering more money, but they may not offer the work-life balance that employees benefit from. By promoting a positive environment, job security and career development, and proper work-life balance is the key to retention of employees in healthcare. 


Brief Description: I chose this brief description introduction to try to paint the ideal job an employee may prefer. There is plenty to argue if higher pay is ultimately better than employee satisfaction, and I believe the points stated above encourage the argument that employee satisfaction is what retains employees most. 



“Great jobs are made, not found” should be every workplace’s mantra. Some may say that they can find the best jobs out there because they pay the most. Others may say they truly create their dream job due to the circumstances they are in. When people pursue a career, such as healthcare, they strive to be the best version they can be, and given the proper environment, they can stay at their current workplace long-term. By promoting a positive environment, job security and career development, and proper work-life balance is the key to retention of employees in healthcare.


Quotation: I chose the quotation introduction to allow the option for the reader to think about the given quote and perhaps apply it to their personal life. I believe this quote encompasses that jobs do not always have to be the most luxurious, if you don’t want them to be.Bottom of Form

Gabriela St Germain 

Week 3 Discussion


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First Introduction:

Despite the recent news in the media, the New York Police Department announced that the number of shooting incidents have declined since the crime statistics last year. The statistics show that there was a decrease in shootings since last year; for example, so far there has been 129 shootings for the month of October in NYC compared to the 135 shootings that occurred last year in October. The New York Police Department have been making many more gun arrests; thus, reducing the number of guns illegally obtained by criminals. This new strategy started this summer, and it has been successfully carried over in the months that followed. A combination of the effective crime fighting from the police officers and their dedication to protect the lives of New York City citizens has been the reason why there has been a reduction in shootings.

Commentary: I was aiming for this introduction to be a “statistics” type of introduction. I included the statistics I found on the chart that was included. It gave a comparison between the shooting incidents from this year compared to last year’s, so you really could see the difference and the result from the gun arrests.


NYPD Announces Citywide Crime Statistics for October 2021. (2021, November 3). The Official Website of the City of New York. https://www1.nyc.gov/site/nypd/news/pr1103/nypd-citywide-crime-statistics-october-2021

Second Introduction:

“I came, I saw, I conquered” was famously said by Julius Caesar after a victory was won. To this day, many people know about this quote and try to live by it. It is considered one of the most inspirational quotes ever said and it gives people the motivation to “conquer” the day or in other words, to make the most of the day even through any difficulties that one might come across in their day. People have also referenced this quote whenever they are trying to achieve a difficult task. This simple quote holds a strong and powerful meaning, and it has been carried over throughout many years.

Commentary: This quote is one of my favorite quotes. It’s simple but it holds much power and it gives people inspiration to finish the task or day strong. This type of introduction is a “quotation” type of introduction. I felt that it was a great quote to share with my classmates and hopefully they will introduce it into their own lives. 

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