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Question Description

Watch “Deepfakes may ruin us and here’s why” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8XIR3OwKKo).

Discussion Questions:

1. What trends in mobile promote increased consumption of more digital content? Explain and provide examples.

2. What issue from the video most concerns you? Explain the issue and provide justification.

3. What should happen to counteract deep fakes and why? Consider legal, personal, and business remedies.

For all points remember to:

* Post ONE thread responding to all parts of all three questions (500-550 words)

* Actively use varied scholarship (at least one professional or scholarly in-text citations and references).

* Respond to at least two peers with substantive professional and scholarly replies (i.e. actively using in-text citations and references).

when you finish, I’ll send you their answer and I want you to reply on their answers.