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Research  a crime where the defendant's capacity to commit the crime is an issue  (insanity or committed by a minor) that has been reported in the media, (online, TV or  print) and analyze the elements of the mental illness or age to the  conduct charged.  This essay is to be 2 pages and should include a citation to the source you used.  

 If  you choose a crime that was committed by a minor, you should state  whether the minor should be treated as an adult or as a minor, the  different factors that are considered and whether you agree with how the  case was handled. If the person was just charged with the crime but it  hasn't been decided, then you can provide your opinion on how it should  be handled.  As long as you support your opinion with the factors  addressed in the chapter.  This will require you to know about waiver,  what age a minor is automatically treated as an adult regardless of the  crime, (hint: NY and NC it's 16, every other state it is 18).  However, a  minor may be treated as an adult depending on the crime that was  committed.  (But you knew that because you read the chapter.)  If  discussing a crime where the defendant raised an insanity defense,  identify the standard used in that state, and why the insanity defense  applies/does not apply.  You can disagree with how the court handled the  case as long as you support your opinion with the factors/elements used  to determine if the person had the capacity to commit the crime.  Do  not just identify the elements of a crime.   That is not the purpose of  this essay. 

Each  essay should have a heading which includes your name, date and title.  You should use proper titles if using last names–Mr. ; Ms.; Officer,  etc.  Only referring to someone by their last name is not appropriate.   Make sure you proofread your essay for spelling and grammatical  errors.  Do not just list the general elements of crime for this essay that is not the purpose of this essay.