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• Review your classmates’ posts and try to find some common ground or expand on their ideas. Use the Bevan text to extend your classmates’ points about the relationship between intrapersonal, interpersonal communication, and self-concept. Ask questions that will deepen everyone’s understanding of the key concepts and use course material to support you in making those points.).

• Each response should be at least 150 to 200 words in length.


Week 1 Discussion: Intrapersonal Communication, Self-Perception, and Interpersonal Communication

“Self-concept can be defined as one’s broad description or perception of him- or herself as a person. Self-esteem consists of your broad sense of self-worth and the level of satisfaction you have with yourself” ( Bevan, 2020, Chapter 2 Section 1).

Self-concept and self-esteem connect to intrapersonal and interpersonal communication because intrapersonal means inward or self-viewing, and interpersonal is outward or social acceptance.

Intrapersonal self-concept is how you see yourself as a person, and interpersonal self-concept is how others see you as a person. Intrapersonal self-esteem would be how you measure your own worth, and interpersonal self-esteem would be how others measure your worth according to them.

The five words that I used to describe myself were adaptable, confident, independent, spontaneous, and trustworthy. The five words that my husband and family gave me were adaptable, confident, clever, independent, observant, and spontaneous. Four out of the five I chose matched, so I’m not surprised by the results. I feel like my family and I know me well. The only differences were clever and observant. I know that I am both clever and observant, but I could only choose five, so I chose the five that I thought fit me best.

I know myself well and am aware of my self-concept. I know what I am capable of and what my weaknesses are, and what I can do to improve upon those weaknesses. I would say that I have a lot of self-esteem, and I think that is because I am confident in myself. I’m happy with who I am. I will say that I have doughs and low self-esteem, just like everyone else, but it doesn’t happen often.

Discuss how you have formed your labels through intrapersonal and interpersonal communication.