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Project scope management plan

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It is difficult for a project manager to be successful without a comprehensive project scope plan. For instance, it is a tall order to manage a project without setting the required budget, deadlines, deliverables, tasks, and goals. The project manager collaborates with other stakeholders such as the sponsors, project teams, employees, and the management; the different stakeholders have different responsibilities since they have different talents, qualifications, hobbies, and attitudes (Abdilahi, Fakunle & Fashina, 2020). Therefore, the project manager should define the role and responsibilities to all the stakeholders and provide them with the budget limit. The project scope enables the manager to keep track and ensure the sub-project sections meet deadlines within the projected budget. The project scope management empowers the project manager and the entire organization to track and determine the team leaders misappropriating the project resources.

An example of a project scope management plan is where the project manager uses emerging technology such as Basecamp project management software to track the employees and the team leaders when conducting a construction project. The project manager will design the construction project based on the general construction, decoration, carpentry, welding, and electrical field through the plan. Therefore, employees in the project will design activities based on their qualifications, hobbies, and attitudes. Basecamp will be able to track deadlines and budget spending in a single section of the construction. Therefore, through the project scope management plan, the project manager will make any necessary change when some employees fail to meet deadlines with concrete reasons and fail to explain how funds have been spent on the project. The plan will enable the project manager to make significant shifts depending on the strengths and weaknesses. The project scope management plans will define goals, objectives, and the duty execution limit. During the construction process the each key stakeholder should be responsibility and accountable in their area of specialization.


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