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Question Description

I’m working on a communications exercise and need a sample draft to help me study.

The prices I want to focus on is changing a tire. Easy and simple. I just need it to look clean and also add pictures of each step.

For this assignment, I ask that you identify a process that requires instructional documentation and develop an original set of instructions as a group. This seems like a fairly straightforward assignment, but as you progress through this unit, you’ll learn that sometimes the simplest documentation is the hardest to create. Your chosen process should meet the following conditions:

  • Require at least 7 steps to complete
  • Associated with a process that you’d feel comfortable documenting
  • Not be a recipe
  • Appropriate for discussion in class

I will be fairly flexible on the processes that your team selects because I would ideally want this assignment to benefit you in some way. I’ve seen all kinds of processes come up for this assignment, but here are a few examples: how to select and install a new video card on your PC, how to change the car battery for a specific model of car, and how to perform some function on your favorite application. When selecting a process to document, ensure that it yields an identifiable outcome (i.e. something that verifies that the process has been completed effectively) and that you have access to the product. Keep in mind that the final deliverable for this unit is an original, fully developed, usable set of instructions, so you’ll need to have access to the product to take pictures and usability test your instructions.