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Question Description

The goal of class preps is to prepare you for class by training you to read for big ideas, identify the key concepts and the main argument, and identify provocative passages relevant to the main argument. Class preps are meant to measure your understanding of the main ideas in a text; therefore, there should be no personal opinion in preps. They should be approximately half a page (double spaced) and no more than 1 page in length. Submit them to the corresponding learning module in Blackboard in which your reading appears. Though your class prep will not be visible to the rest of the class, we reserve the right to ask you to share from them in class, so please be prepared to talk about them.

Please include:

  1. keywords – look at the keyword listed for the day of class corresponding to your reading; explain its meaning according to the course readings (you may need to draw from the other reading listed for the same day)
  2. main argument – give a short synopsis (2-3 sentences at most) of the main argument (or main ideas) of the reading
  3. passage/quote – retype a short quote (be selective!) from the reading that is particularly interesting, provocative, or indicative of the main argument. Explain why you chose it.

Read: Gabriela Richard and Kishonna Gray, “Gendered Play, Racialized Reality: Black Cyberfeminism, Inclusive Communities of Practice, and the Intersections of Learning, Socialization, and Resilience in Online Gaming

keyword: gatekeeping


Assignment 2:

As we saw with Mia Mingus’s Medical Industrial Complex visual (Links to an external site.), popular and mainstream understandings of disability tend to foreground charity- and pity-based responses to individuals, already assumed to be in need of a “cure” or in need of being “fixed.” Using a specific example from the documentary, explain how Sins Invalid seeks to shift the narrative to a collective, disability justice model focused on fixing the system. Alternately, you can use a line or example from the documentary to explain something about Mingus’s Medical Industrial Complex visual (e.g., Why does she link “Science and Medicine” to eugenics?)

Sins Invalid: An Unshamed Claim to Beauty

you can watch it in a website called kanopy ^^^^^^^^