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For each Discussion, you are responsible for two parts. Be sure to POST YOUR RESPONSE TO YOUR GROUP DISCUSSION topic, and also, please COMMENT ON ANOTHER STUDENT POST by bringing something new to the conversation (another perspective, disagree, other facts, another concept, different company, etc.). Please avoid posting a simple agreement or compliment, and reply with a well thought out comment.

Group #1 Discussion Topic:

Writing a Proposal for a Student Club (LO 13.1, LO 13.2, LO 13.3)

Assume your university has recently developed a grant program for student clubs. The goal of the program is to award between $5,000 and $10,000 per club for activities that promote academic research and/or travel to industry conferences.

Choose a student club of interest and write a 4-5 sentence proposal that describes the purpose of your club and a specific project that the grant money would support. Provide a rationale for how you will use the money, a timeline for completing your project (or travel), and a description of deliverables. (Look at the proposal in Chapter 13 on pages 406-408 as a guide.)