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Sometimes in history, we have a bad habit of over-simplifying difficult concepts and of making generalizations that are not borne out of the facts. In the Civil War, for example, we tend to approach the issue of slavery believing that everyone in the North wanted slavery to be abolished, while everyone in the South supported slavery. However, a theme I emphasize in my classes is that history is complicated because people are complicated.

As you have learned more about the people and events leading up to the Civil War, you have probably learned something about the complexity of the issues, the complications that do not fit the generalizations. For your initial posting, write about two events, opinions, or perhaps documents that did not fit the easy generalizations that you may have entered this unit believing. Present these two items as if you are teaching the class about them, explaining them fully and completely and emphasizing how they break the generalization.

Remember that you need to cite your source when you quote from a reading. Reminder: Quotations should not be more than 10-15% of your paper. They are not to take the place of your own ideas or thoughts; they help support your ideas and thoughts. For these readings, use these in-text citations and these full citations at the end of your postings. Please see the Citation Help.pdf for guidelines for citing sources.