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Scope of the Issue, Define the extent or scope of the issue by offering specific

current statistics of the broader issue. Explain which populations may be most affected and whether or not the family your group created for this project

matches the typical family addressing this issue. 

SOCW 6121: Advanced Clinical Practice II

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Group Wiki Project Guidelines

In SOCW 6121, students are required to participate in a Group Project. The purpose of

this project is for students to experience participating in a group. The task of the group

is two-fold:

1) Develop a Wiki that informs and educates on a family systems issue and

appropriate evidence-based interventions to address the issue.

2) Participate in and evaluate the group process while developing a Wiki.

This project is worth a total 50% of your final grade. The group Wiki is 25% of your

grade and each group member will receive the same grade for the Wiki. Members of the

group must hold each other accountable to create the assignment and to appropriately

and professionally work through any barriers or group challenges. The purpose of this

project is to produce a scholarly product to enhance the knowledge of family

interventions AND to provide an avenue to participate in and process a group

experience. The other 25% of the project grade comes from the Assignments that

assess Group Process, which are submitted and graded individually. These

Assignments provides an opportunity to apply the concepts of group process as you

engage in a task group. The Assignments should demonstrate application of course

material and critical thought.

Group Project

This Group Project requires peer collaboration, critical thinking, and ongoing research to

amass knowledge of an issue that you would be presented with when treating a family.

This final project encourages ongoing group investigation into a selected treatment

approach or model.

The 5000-7000 word Wiki should include the following elements:

• Description of the family system:

o Develop a case study of a family system starting with the basic description

assigned to your group. The case study needs to present identifying

characteristics of the family including gender, sexual orientation, race,

ethnicity, culture, socio-economic status, employment, ability, age,

religion. Your group is encouraged to consider diverse family types.

o Identify and discuss any problems that may be presented to the social

worker working with this family. Research the literature in developing your

case study to identify potential issues affecting this type.

• Scope of the issue: Define the extent or scope of the issue by offering specific

current statistics of the broader issue. Explain which populations may be most

SOCW 6121: Advanced Clinical Practice II

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Group Wiki Project Guidelines

affected and whether or not the family your group created for this project

matches the typical family addressing this issue.

• Engagement and assessment: Describe techniques of how a social worker

would engage with this family and assess the presenting issue. Explain any

cultural factors that should be taken into account during engagement and

assessment. Provide scholarly evidence to support techniques.

• Literature review of evidence-based family interventions that could be used for

this population: Using peer-reviewed journals, present research on at least 2

different interventions that could be used to address this issue with a family.

Make sure your articles are no more than 5 years old. A minimum of six

references are required for this section.

• Advantages and disadvantages of the interventions: Critically assess the

advantages and disadvantages of each of the interventions your group

presented in your literature review. Make sure to take diversity and cultural into


• Recommendations for treatment: Recommend one of these evidenced-based

family interventions to treat this family. Discuss the theoretical orientation of the

theory behind the intervention, the major tenets of the intervention and the

strategy/techniques used. Explain why your group recommends this treatment.

• Evaluation: Describe how a social worker could evaluate treatment outcomes for

this family to determine the effectiveness of the intervention.

• References: Be sure to include a reference list and assign appropriate citations.

Project Milestones

• Week 1:

o Instructor will assign students into groups consisting of 3–4 students. Each

group will focus on one of the following issues and scenarios:

▪ Group A: Divorce—Family of 5 enter treatment because parents

announced they are getting divorced. Children are upset.

▪ Group B: Absent Parental Figure—Single parent raising 4 children.

▪ Group C: Balance of Work and Family—Family of 3 (parents and

child) concerned due to one parent who is unable to balance work

SOCW 6121: Advanced Clinical Practice II

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Group Wiki Project Guidelines

and family demands.

▪ Group D: Lack of Discipline—Single parent with two children.

Parent is unable to control one of the children who has been acting

out. That child is failing 9th grade and went joyriding in their

grandmother’s car.

▪ Group E: Sandwich Generation—Family of 6 with one parent taking

care of declining grandparents.

• Week 3: A member of each group will submit a one-page timeline of your group’s

plan for developing the Wiki on a family. Include the following:

o A brief description of the family

o Roles/assignments for the group members

o Communication methods

o Timeline of each part being completed. The timeline should clearly indicate the
weekly objectives and goals.

• Weeks 4-9: Groups are expected to collaborate on this project weekly. During this
time, you will be analyzing your group experience and will submit assignments
assessing group process. Your group is encouraged to use collaborative video
conferencing tools such as Collaborate Ultra, provided in the classroom, or Skype to
enhance your group process.

• Week 10: Group Wiki Project due

o The final project is a Wiki that informs the reader about an intervention with a family.
The Wiki needs to address each point outlined above. The wiki should be 5000-7000
words excluding references. This project is a collaboration of the group. The Wiki
should resemble a scholarly paper in structure; however, the Wiki software allows all
members to more easily share ideas and edit a paper together. The group shares the
responsibility of organizing and editing information. The group grade will be based on
criteria as outlined in Rubric in Course Information.

Assessment of Group Process

As part of the Group Wiki Project, each individual student is required to compete

assignments that chronicle the group dynamics of participating in this online Group

Project and applying material from the course to your group experience. The

assignments must discuss the group process as noted in Toseland and Rivas (2017).

Assignments should be well organized and presented in a scholarly manner, including

APA references. Assignments should demonstrate critical thought and ability to apply

course material to group experience.

  • Project Milestones
  • Assessment of Group Process

Group Project▪ Group B: Absent Parental Figure—Single parent raising 4 children.

Family Systems Description

Identifying/Demographic Data

The Davis family is a Caucasian family that lives in Terre Haute, Indiana. Their family consists of the father: Mike (36), the daughter: Laura (12), the son: Michael (7), and the youngest daughter: Claire (3). Mike works as a construction supervisor and the family lives in a small subdivision. The children attend middle school and elementary school in Terre Haute, and Claire is in daycare full time. Mike usually works from 6 am to 5 pm and picks up the kids from daycare and their after-school programs. Mike identifies as a straight, white male. Laura identifies as a straight, white female. Michael and Claire have not discussed their preferences due to their ages. Mike is a good father, and his kids care about him a lot.

Chief Complaint/Presenting Problem

Mike reports that he and the children are going through a traumatic experience due to the loss of his wife and the children’s mother. Greta (34) committed suicide three months earlier by taking a combination of Xanax, Trazadone, and Benadryl leaving her family behind. Michael found his mother and is having behavioral issues in school. Mike is having a hard time balancing his work life, trying to be a single dad, and working through his own grief. Laura has been socially withdrawn from her friends, and Mike has noticed some of the bottles from his liquor cabinet in her room. Claire does not understand the situation but continues to ask where her mommy is and when she is coming back.

History of Present Illness

Mike has gone to his primary care physician for not sleeping. His primary care doctor has referred him to a psychologist for further testing. Mike injured his leg on a job and has a metal plate in his femur. However, it does not prohibit him from working therefore he is deemed to be in good health. Laura is diagnosed with sports induced asthma and carries an inhaler. Michael reports no current health concerns. Claire was tested for autism and has a mild learning disability that they are monitoring throughout her growth.

Past Psychiatric History

Mike is currently being tested for potential mental health disorders. He does not have a formal diagnosis. Laura is diagnosed with depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the passing of her mom. Michael also has PTSD and severe anxiety attacks from finding his mother. Claire reports no mental health problems.

Substance Use History

Mike has been clean from meth for 15 years. Mike completed a rehabilitation program in Indianapolis, Indiana that was 18 months long. He does not use any drugs and drinks a glass of bourbon once a month with his brothers. Mike reports no current issues with his substance use. Laura reports that she has been drinking for the last six months to cope with the death of her mother. She drinks about four drinks a day but has stopped recently after her dad caught her. Michael and Claire have no past or present substance use.

Family Medical and Psychiatric History

Greta was diagnosed with bipolar I disorder, major depressive disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. She was seeing a psychiatrist and a social worker but had been off her medication for about two months due to the pandemic. Greta has a history of suicide attempts and being hospitalized in the mental health ward for two weeks at a time. Medically Greta was physically healthy, but she was born as a fetal alcohol baby. However, after she turned four years old, she had no health complications.

Current Family Issues and Dynamics

Currently Mike is struggling to be a single parent, organize his wife’s arrangements, parent his children, and discipline them. Mike does not have any familial supports due to his past drug use. He states that his neighbors are very helpful, but he feels like he is failing as a parent, and that he failed as a husband since his wife killed herself. He feels guilty about not knowing how to console his children and help make them feel better. Mike is very stressed about Laura’s alcohol use and is afraid he will lose his children due to him not having the parental skills he needs.

Scope of the Issue, Define the extent or scope of the issue by offering specific

current statistics of the broader issue. Explain which populations may be most affected and whether or not the family your group created for this project

matches the typical family addressing this issue.