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Module #6 Critical Analysis

Submit your Critical Analysis Essay 3 here. This essay should be 650-800 words in length and utilize either MLA or APA formatting (writer’s choice).

In this essay, you’ll look critically and objectively at the argument put forth in the article “Fighting Constantly After Baby? Read This” by Jessica Grose. 

Fighting Constantly After Baby? Read This (opens in new window)

Remember, critical analysis involves going into the depths of the subject or material to be reviewed and discussing it objectively so that the readers get to know the subject better and in details. A critical analysis essay should not only be a review and contain a summary of what other critics say about the work; rather, its primary purpose is to voice your analysis of the argument being made based on correct and logical evidence. Use the tools we’ve developed in Modules 1-5 of this course to analyze whether Rhoads and Lukas create a sound and logical argument.  

You should be reflective (think deeply and engage in multiple rewrites), not reflexive (inserting the first ideas that come to mind.) When you find one assumption, always ask whether anything more profound has to be taken for granted for that assumption to be true. You may find a more profound assumption. 

Be thorough and precise and especially be convincing. Feel free to use “if” clauses, “it is possible” clauses, “for his reason X to be true” clauses, and “for the reason to support his conclusion” clauses or any other creative device you choose to show the impact of any ambiguity or assumption that you have identified.