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Self-driving or driverless cars are quickly becoming a reality. In the readings for Chapter 4, four advantages to driverless cars were presented. If you were the recipient of a driverless car, would this technology be advantageous for you? Why, or why not? Which advantage would benefit you the most?

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I don't think that I would be very comfortable with a self-driving car at this time. I currently live in Colorado, where the drivers are clueless, and if it is not a mandatory switch to self-driving cars, then the streets will be filled with self-driving cars and regular cars. I do not trust the technology in the self-driving cars to save me in the event that the humans driving recklessly around town make a sudden lane switch, are not paying attention when merging, etc. I also would not feel comfortable working on other activities while riding in the self-driving vehicle due to the fact that I already have to be hyper-aware while driving around Denver in a normal car just to make it safely from point A to point B. My main issue with self-driving cars is trusting that I will arrive to my destination alive. These companies who are coming out with self-driving cars need to make a solid case for how safe they are with the proof to back up their claims. The advantage of self-driving cars that would benefit me the most, however, would be that it is way cheaper and a family is able to use one car for everyone. The cars will also drive more efficiently, which would save me money on fuel overtime. I think self-driving cars are a great idea. At this time, I am not willing to bet my life for sake of convenience.